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Last Updated: 30 Sep 2015


Restoration of car 869 by the Merseyside Tramway Preservation Society (MTPS) took place after it was eventually returned to Liverpool following a tour by the Liverpool University Public Transport Society to Glasgow where 869 had been one of a number of "green goddesses" that had been sold to that city during the run down of the Liverpool system. After 12 years of fund raising and hard work by the Merseyside Tramway Preservation Society (MTPS), 869 was finally restored and in 1979 was returned to Crich Museum where it operates today. The society has since been very active in restoring other trams including Liverpool "English Electric" car 762 which can now been seen operating at Birkenhead.

Car 293, Liverpool's official last tram remains at the Seashore Trolley Museum in Maine where it has been since soon after it last ran in Liverpool. This "Baby Grand" was operated at the musuem for a period but was later put in store, for many years out in the open. The car has had no restoration and is now in poor condition but has at least been moved to covered storage.

The other "Baby Grand", car 245 which was preserved by Liverpool Corporation Passenger Transport in 1957 also eventually needed work and became a project for the Merseyside Tramway Preservation Society (MTPS) at Birkenhead with restoration being completed in 2104.

Appeal For Information: Where you in Liverpool anytime upto September 1957? Do you have photos, negatives, slides or any other information on the tram system of Liverpool City Transport? If so, you may have a valuable record of the system. The Online Transport Archive is a registered charity dedicated to providing long term security for transport collections. If you have anything you would like to offer please send me a message EMAIL or visit the Online Transport Archive web site (see the Links & References page).